Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Custom Content, Clubs and Shoes!

Last week I shot with my pervy friends and new model mate Rose Wood. I'd met her on another shoot, when working with DarkStar Girls. Poor little monkeyboy, having to suffer the torment of two wicked ladies wrestling seven bells out of him. The sets should be up on the site within the next two months.

There's a lot to prepare for the Skin Two Weekend, as I'm managing the press stand again this year for HandJobs Media. I'm looking forward to attending all of the fabulous parties, as due to managing the press stand last year, I decided to be sensible and make sure I made it up in the morning. I'll just risk looking like a zombie and soldier on this time around :)

Club Antichrist is only round the corner, and The Circus of Horrors are performing! I'm hosting the Devil's Playroom as always, so do make sure you visit.

Diablesse is also on September 14th, the after party to the London Fetish Fair. We are looking for more performers for this event, so send your show info to me at rebekka (at) rebekkaraynor (dot) com. From mild to wild!

I'm shooting a few custom sets next week, one of them involving a lovely sub girl I've made the acquaintance of. It involves bondage and custard :)

On a very high note, I received two new pairs of shoes today. That always makes me a happy Sadist :)