Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Breaking Birmingham - Saturday September 9th


If logistics have ever been a barrier to you being thrown over my knee, then your future is looking very bright indeed. I'll be at a well known venue just North of Birmingham and will be taking requests up until September 7th (if you enquire later, the chances of availability are slim, as is my having packed any specific tools of the trade). There will also be the opportunity for duo sessions with myself and a very reputable, local switch lady. We each delight in both traditional CP and BDSM.

If you have ever wanted to be brought to my heel - carpe diem, servus.


Photographers and videographers (reputable people, not just someone with a DSLR) are very welcome to hire me while I'm there, either at the location or elsewhere. I don't shoot topless or nude, nor do I 'interact' with photographers (though I'm happy to work with other models). Please get in touch for my rates.