Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Duo day with submissive Erin Page

I’m spending the day with the wonderful Erin Paige on Saturday July 28th. 

She’s beautiful, blonde, buxom and wants me to do wonderfully evil things to her. You can observe as she’s justly punished, be punished together (joint detention anyone?) or we can both plot and plan to teach her the error of her ways.

Some examples to whet your appetite...

* The pair of you have been summoned to Headmistress Raynor’s office. Erin is always getting you into trouble and this time it’s for cheating on a test. However, I know that you’ve both cheated, and so you are both put over my desk for a lesson you’ll never forget.

* Your wife Erin has been unfaithful, and instead of divorce, you decide a lesson in fidelity is in order. If it’s satisfaction she wants then it’s satisfaction she’ll get - over and over until she’s begging you to stop! My role as a couples therapist ensures I know exactly which buttons of hers to press.

* The beautiful girl you’ve arranged to have kidnapped is now right in front of you, being expertly tormented by Ms Raynor. Watch as the girl made to cry and beg to be let you, until your twisted desires are satisfied.

* Your anniversary holiday was going so well until you met a mysterious woman in a bar. Erin decides to be daring and invites her back to your hotel room, only for the mystery woman to to have her own agenda. You never thought you’d be forced to do such awful things to your wife...

I’d advise interested gents to book ASAP, as if left until the last minute it will be unlikely we’ll be able to fit you in (that, and Erin will need to plan to have enough energy through the day!).

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Multi-Mistress parties and duos sessions with Amy Hunter.

I have quite a busy schedule for the next few months including my debut at two fabulous multi-Mistress parties!

Tuesday 6th: I'm very pleased to join Goddess Cleo's prison role play event The Facility and extended bondage for the first time.
Wednesday 14th: I'll be attending another one of Ms Tytania's multi-Mistress strap on/bi events, Slut Bed of Shame.

Thursday 5th: I'll be attending another one of Ms Tytania's strap on and bi event Slut Bed of Shame.
Tuesday 10th: This will be my debut for Goddess Cleo's strap on event in Birmingham.
Thursday 12th: Lockdown prison role play event in Birmingham.

And as if that wasn't enough debauchery, myself and Miss Amy Hunter will be indulging in duo sessions on Sunday March 11th. If you've spent any time in the England corporal punishment scene, you would have already heard of this formidable force of nature.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Introducing... The Raynor Retainer!

I'm of the opinion that good behaviour should be rewarded, especially of those I've grown very fond of (some probably know who they are!).

As vulgar as it can be to talk about that which makes the world go round, I've decided to experiment with a new way for my existing regular gents to be at my whims more often. My most frequent visitors darken my door once per week for an hour at a time, so four per month on average. To keep things simple, I'm going to give three options:

4 hours booked = £800 normally (add on 1 hour pro gratis)
8 hours booked = £1600 normally (add on 2 hours pro gratis)
16 hours booked = £3200 normally (add on 3 hours pro gratis)

- We must have already sessioned at least four times and have very good chemistry.
- The balance is to be settled in advance.
- If any other professional joins us, then your own arrangements with them are separate.

Some might say the above would detract from the 'romance' of a dynamic, but as I'm the sort of person who likes to have things planned out, I disagree. Instead of  individual meetings, I get to have the pleasure of weaving together an arc of connecting liaisons, culminating in a series of well paced crescendos. Imagine knowing that you have 16 hours of impending session time?

Monday, December 18, 2017

Sessions on xmas day and NYE

For the very first time, I'll be taking sessions on xmas day, boxing day and throughout all of NYE (until 2am). I'm not one for the festive season at all, so have decided to make my own entertainment. I may be taking same day sessions on those days, however the usual deposit caveats will apply.

My Lair of Despair is currently undergoing some improvements and new pieces are being added, so be among the first to experience them. Start as you mean to go on next year and carpe diem!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Breaking Birmingham: Friday December 8th

I'm next tormenting the kinky inhabitants of Birmingham on Friday December 8th until 5pm. All bookings must be secured with a deposit before December 3rd (if you enquire later, the chances of availability are slim, as is my having packed any specific tools of the trade). There will also be the opportunity for duo sessions with myself and a very reputable, local switch lady. We each delight in both traditional CP and BDSM.


As ever, please refer to my website for any pertinent questions. My rates for Birmingham are £150ph with a £40 deposit. If you have ever wanted to be brought to my heel - carpe diem, servus!


Photographers and videographers (reputable people, not just someone with a DSLR) are very welcome to hire me while I'm there, either at the location or elsewhere. I don't shoot topless or nude, nor do I 'interact' with photographers (though I'm happy to work with other models). Please get in touch for my rates.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Duo sessions with The Hunteress, October 18th-21st.

The legendary Hunteress and myself are taking applications from those brave souls who are thrill seeking enough to serve us both at once! We each specialise in traditional hard CP in addition to many aspects of BDSM. Sessions will take place at my Bloomsbury WC1N studio (nearest tubes are Russell Square and Holborn) from Wednesday 18th until Saturday 21st (considering the 21st is my birthday, I intend to make it one to remember!).

Please apply directly via either of our websites: