Saturday, August 10, 2019

Important news regarding smoking sessions

This will pain some of you to hear, but I can assure you it’s far less painful than some of my other talents!

I’m having to stop smoking, and have chosen August 31st as the stop date. This will effect approximately 45% of the gentlemen who visit me as smoking sessions are quite popular, however, I must think of my health in the long term.

Thank you all for understanding. And if you’d like to visit for a smoking session, I suggest booking soon rather than leaving it until the last minute.

Monday, August 05, 2019

Birmingham tour, August 9th-12th

My Birmingham gents are extremely fortunate as I'm normally only available midweek, though on this occasion I'll be there from early evening on Friday 9th until early afternoon on Monday 12th. My bags will be packed on the evening of Thursday 8th, so please make any outfit, equipment or scenario requests before then.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Slut Bed of Shame encouraged bi event, February 12th

Tuesday 12th, 4-6pm: The first Slut Bed of Shame of the year is nearly upon us. If you have ever fantasised about gent on gent action that is skillfully orchestrated by ladies, then this is the event for you. Ms Tytania and myself will coax, tease and encourage you into being the best whore you always knew you could be. To enquire, you can contact Ms Tytania directly via her website.

Dates for the rest of the year are March 13th, April 10th, May 8th, June 13th and July 11th.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Domina Parties October 3rd & 4th: Strap on and encouraged bi day

Be violated by myself, Diana von Rigg, Mistress Katerina, Foxtress and Princess Bella at Domina Parties on October 3rd from 7pm and 4th from 12pm in Birmingham. The encouraged bi event is on the 4th from 3.30pm.

(Diana von Rigg)

With their hefty appendages cocked, the Dominas will be ready to violate any willing cavity within range! Of course there will obviously be a full arsenal of strapons and anal devices available to keep everyone occupied, and attendees may also be given the opportunity to OPT IN for forced-bi activities.

Mistress Katerina

We invite you to come along and party with the Ladies for another evening of unrivalled deviance and debauchery. Is strap-on fun your idea of heaven? Then this party is will be right up your alley! Add into the equation the option of some Forced-Bi action and these events could, quite literally, give you the ride of your life! Gang bang or spit-roast heaven, anyone?!


Even if you’ve never taken the plunge before, this party is great as a gentle introduction for newbies, or a wild ride for those with experience, as the ladies will cater to whatever level you are at.  Great venues in London and Birmingham, with dungeon equipment and maybe even a fully stocked bar, attendance is £170 for London, and £160 for Birmingham  You had better get in quick because these parties book up pretty quickly!  Email: to join the fun…..

 Princess Bella

Want to Attend our StrapOn Party?


Attendance: STRAPON LONDON £170 / STRAPON BIRMINGHAM £160 (paid in advance – we do not accept cash on the day. Cash can be deposited directly into an account at any HSBC bank branch).

OR – Attend BOTH events for £300

Voyeurs welcome: £80 per party (very limited).

(and yours truly)

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Domina Parties Birmingham event, October 3rd - extended bondage and prison role play.

LockDown, Birmingham – Daytime and Overnight Detention! The next date is October 3rd, morning until late.

(Diana von Rigg)

So it’s more than likely you’ve fantasised about being locked away, or perhaps you have the desire to experience being imprisoned, or held on remand for a short/long term incarceration, overseen by a beautiful, stern Duty Warden (or two). Imagine a place that feels like a cross between a prison, a hospital and mental asylum, and being kidnapped, unable to leave…. If you have, then LockDown, Birmingham may very well be exactly what you have been looking for… Imagine being imprisoned in a cell, detained behind bars, kept captive in a cage, locked in an isolation room, or confined in a cupboard whilst being immobilised in a strait jacket and intermittently tormented, tortured and quite possibly broken by a gorgeous, strict, Dominant woman? Well here is your chance… Be incarcerated by Mistress Katerina (and her beautiful friend, if you’re lucky!), who may decide to hogtie you on the floor, cuff you to a chair, saran wrap you on a bench then sit back to watch you struggle, strap you down with hospital grade restraints if you attempt to escape…

(Lady Katerina)

You no longer have a name, you are only a number! Primarily based around imprisonment, incarceration, confinement, isolation, restraint, detention and complete lockdown, there may be multiple variations on each activity in order to achieve the desired experience, including but not limited to bondage, caging, saran wrap/cling film, cuffs, chain, collar/leash, straight jacket, shibari, etc, as well as other forms of torture, if the Duty Warden so desires.

This event is a hybrid; an eclectic mixture of a prison / asylum / detention centre / hospital, and there will be other prisoners present, however you are forbidden to interact with them. You will hear them, but you probably won’t ever see them! The Duty Warden goes to great lengths to deny any contact, either physical or visual, between all inmates, and blindfolds and/or hoods are utilised during transfers. Rules are implemented and strictly enforced whilst you are institutionalised – dare to break them at your own risk as it may result in various forms of punishment, all of which are entirely at the discretion of the Duty Warden (CP, takedown, wrestling, CBT, NT, face slapping, spitting, bondage, restraint, and maybe even forced intox, just to name a few).

Sign up HERE to be completely captivated, or email

£60 per hour – minimum of 2 hours
£200 – half day (4 hours)
£300 – three quarter day (6 hours)
There is also the option for overnight lock-in – starting from £400.
How long can you handle it, and how much can you take?

PLEASE NOTE: LockDown is not a high-contact event as per a regular session. Please be aware that, between rounds, the Duty Warden will leave you for periods of contemplation from 20 minutes up to an hour during the daytime event, depending on your designated booking times. The overnight segment is NOT a 12-hour session, in fact contact with the Duty Warden, or anyone present, is restricted as it is based around an evening of you being locked up for the entire time. There will, however, be some limited interaction at certain intervals, to ensure you are safe, hydrated and comfortable enough to sustain your incarceration for the duration of the evening, and you may suffer torture at their hands.

(and of course, yours truly)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Upcoming special event dates


Thursday 6th: I'll be attending another one of Ms Tytania's multi-Mistress strap on/bi events, Slut Bed of Shame. You don't want to miss out on this rare event, so contact her post haste to book.


Tuesday 2nd: Ms Tytania's infamous Slut Bed of Shame, with the lady herself, myself and Goddess Cleo. You will be used and abused by our strap ons, then the gents are made to interact for the viewing entertainment of the ladies. If you've ever wanted to be gently introduced to encouraged bi, then this is the soiree for you.

Wednesday 3rd: Birmingham.

- From 11am, LockDown Birmingham, Daytime (and Overnight) Prison Role Play Day. Attending are myself, Mistress Katerina, Diana Von Rigg, Foxtress and Princess Bella.

- From 12pm: Extended Bondage Day.

- From 7pm: Domina Parties Strap on party and boy/boy encouraged interaction.

Thursday 4th: Birmingham

- From 12pm: Domina Parties strap on party.

- From 3.30pm: Encouraged bi party.