Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Aftermath of the 8th

You would not believe the trouble it takes in order to find good performers in London. Where do they all hide? So in stepped my friend from Edinburgh/Malta.

Nina started off the night with her cherry act, which she did at The Clinic in Amsterdam last year. Next came a nice show with fire fans, which - ahem, as someone forgot to bring the correct type of parrifin - was rather shorter than expected! She spent a good portion of the latter half of the evening attending to the regular male subs who come along.

I spent a bit of time with people gathered round to see what my 'box of unearthly delights' contained, as well as dishing out the punishment to the usual suspects.

...But the real fun began after we helped Dungeon E4 take their equipment back to the premises. Baron Switch and Malc had brought along their brand new human BBQ spit, and Nina wanted to try it out for size.

Getting on!

Getting posed!

Getting off!

Very tired...