Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Here sits one very pissed off Rebekka, as the flight to Czech was missed by 2 minutes! The less said about that the better... but it did mean that I was able to spend time with someone who matters, so I'm viewing it as some path of fate, instead of seeing the negative aspect only. The next opportunity I'll have to go will be Spring of next year.

The Diablesse event this month was put off until November, as there were issues with the venue. The management had changed, so it was thought best to move it to another fetish friendly one (with a stage and area for play, of course). The new venue is great, and I'll be able to announce it in the near future.

In a very strange turn of events, the above meant that I could go and see Rotersand, one of my favourite bands on Sunday. Unfortunately we missed Deviant UK, and got there just as Revolution by Night were midway throught their set. Reaper also prodded serious bottom. No pictures, as I was too busy 'throwing some shapes'!

In other news, someone sent me a few sets of majorly hot, cuban heeled stockings in a variety of colours via a TV channel I used to work for, but didn't leave their contact details for me to thank them. If this was you, then do let yourself be known. I'm not one of these people who expects something for nothing after all, so you might find yourself with a nice surprise!

I had the most amazing early birthday present on the 9th, far too personal to talk about here. If you're reading this, that will stay with me for quite some time :) Or until I have too much gin. Earlier in the day I had a good shoot with First View Images, despite my catsuit making the unnerving decision to explode!

On Friday 10th I set out to Milton Keynes to work with Len Gifford Sculpture. I've worked with Len numerous times, but never with another model. This other model was chosen on the basis that he was comfortable posing as a sub, and was rather aesthetically pleasing. Ooh, the hazards of the job ;) I'm quite eager to see the finished results, which will end up being displayed at all the usual adult trade shows.

A friend introduced clips of the tantalising film The Million Eyes of Su Maru, but it's proving almost impossible to source in it's full version. My first born goes to anyone who has a copy (NB. you may be waiting quite some time).