Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Website updated

My website has had a colourful facelift, and I've changed some menus to make it easier to navigate. The 'in your face' red was growing a little tiresome, and being a Libra, I like making things pretty!

I am distracting myself by looking at my 'to do' list for the end of this year. What a task. My good friends at Dungeon E4 were talking about making a few changes, such as converting the space partially as a dungeon/shoot area, as opposed to the usual pervy red room. I really enjoy filming BDSM, most especially where all parties are familiar with each other, as this makes the flow so much more fruitful, and the portrayal more accurate. Aside from being quite the exhibitionist, giving pain is quite the turn on - which makes for enjoyable work!

I seem to be getting a stupid amount of emails from weirdos of late (more so than is usual anyway) Either people wanting me to send them free stuff, or who spell my name wrong (in some cases using another Mistresses' name) in the usual 'copy and paste email'. I don't blame those that do this, as they are after all trying to find the best 'service provider' with the least amount of hassle. But come on guys, at least get my name right!!