Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Prague was beautiful. I'm used to wonderful architecture (hailing from Edinburgh), but the Old Town elements of the city are quite a knockout. Highlights were discovering Asbinthe, Harleys, Lemon Leaf, Hells Bells, and the Bone Church Ossuary. Try as we might, there were no great rock/goth places. Czech culture doesn't seem to have absorbed this style yet, as all who were in these bars were normally dressed people, even though the music was semi decent.

Old Town Area
I didn't get nearly enough photos, as my camera doesn't react well to low light. We wandered around in the snow (did I say it was bloody cold?) getting covered in very fine, but pretty snowflakes.

Richard Burton should see this tree..

That's just what you need in the dark - coming around a corner to 10ft babies!

The Astronomical Clock

The Ossuary (Bone Church) in Kutna Hora

The Dancing Building

The absolutely glorious decor of the Resto Patio Cafe

Belly dancers in the Dahab restaurant.

Someone left a teddy tied up on a wall....