Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why the 14th's Vandersexxx was good...

Vandersexxx had a brilliant 2nd night at the new venue. On the stage was Berry Rogers, and it was the 2nd time we had her gracing the stage (this time with her monstrocity of a giant dong. I knew Pet would like it when he arrived) She's so damn cute, and I missed the opportunity of watching her get tied up on the double St. Andrews cross. Maybe next time...

Before the night started, I said to myself that I'd only play from 10-11pm, as I had more chance of actually doing my job, which is to host the event (I am the Queen of Performance Ad Libbing, and often make up the performer announcement when I have the crowds attention. No one has yet pointed this out, so all is good). Things did not go according to plan, but you won't find me complaining.

At the start of the night I had my feet done (more on that in another post). This is one of my absolute favourite things. I had my toes warmed by his tongue as I ground my stockinged heel into his crotch, while having a light conversation with a nice couple to my right.

If you've ever seen Mr Tickle at clubs, you'll know it. Fun to play with, polite, friendy and compliant - just the type I like. It's so easy to torture nice people, don't you find? Much better than the pushy type that can frequent clubs. Quite a few people had a go at tormenting him through the cage bars for an hour. The cage was a new design by my mates at Dungeon E4 and there was a cue for it at one point! Though I daresay, nothing like the cue at Pedestal for the trampling cage, which I will blooming well get into one of these damn days.

I also had a great time playing with a guy named Tommy (as it stated on his collar). After I'd finished playing with someone else, myself and another dom lady swapped partners. None of us knew eachother, but there was a dynamic that flowed wonderfully. By the end of it, I found myself almost drunk (and not on gin!) I love play when the chemistry is right. It makes me want to go home and do naughty things to those that matter.

Before the CBT, I played for a short while with cage man (I'm terrible with names) I tied up his cock and balls, and let him worship my feet through the bars. It's a hard life sometimes.

It was noted on the way home that I had a certain glow about me - I'm sure those in the know will appreciate the feeling you get after a good old play. Whether standing or kneeling, you feel refreshed, indestructable, humble and renewed.