Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What do Doms do at 4am?

I'm back from a shift at TVX at (3.45am!) So with a green tea in hand, I begin to make headway with email replies. I had more than a few calls from viewers who know me from my previous channel (you know who you are!) and sexy hellos to you all.

Of course, it's that time of year when you ponder what on earth are you doing with yourself. I'm glad to say I've achieved a lot of goals, and have done so much more than the average person (that said, I am a professional pervert). But there is always more to do, always more to push yourself for. This year I intend to get my body back into the shape it was a few years go when I was, ahem, early twenties, and I'm viewing a gym near the dungeon this week. I can see it now - slave ass bashing 12pm, Rebekka ass tightening 3pm.

Raynor Towers is also enjoying a bit of a makeover. I love the feeling of having your possessions in new places - almost like moving house, but less expensive :) I just need to get hold of some red velvet curtains, a new bookcase for my countless volumes and some paint. It will prod some mighty buttock indeed. Now I just need something to make my bed stop squeaking ;) And a slave to fix the front garden, but that may need to be put on hold until the weather is better...

I have some more shoots for my site coming up. I'll have to do more fem dom scenes, as I know that's what some of you pervs want. Considering I like doing so anyway, it'll be a tough argument.

And now back to the Empire building.