Sunday, March 15, 2009

My date with a lady...

After a few days away, my room now smells wonderfully of lilies and white roses (thank you, P..)

This week I'll be going on a date with a lady. I never thought I'd say that, but it appears to be happening. The venue and time has already been chosen, and I've meticulously planned out what I'm going to wear. The fact that they'll be another lady present, a full on film crew and make up artist around is a side fact, but I hope it turns out well. Gay for pay? You'd better believe it.

As for the gym, things are looking good. Very good. If my ass gets any higher, it'll be halfway up my back by the summer.

For those who say they want to book a session in advance - way in advance, when all they really want is a pervy pen friend to give them some wank fodder, they can forget it. This is one of the top reasons why I don't publish my phone number on the internet.

Inbox Weirdness today consists of castration, jam (what is it lately?) and several people who have clearly not read a single page of my site (but have somehow gained my email address - the wrong one...) Where am I based? (as far from you as is possible) How much am I? (if you have to ask...) Do you want a boyfriend? (if you have to beg...)