Friday, May 29, 2009

CFNM : )

The very day after I got back from Scotland, I was in a 3 day shoot for a company who make CFNM films. Their production level and attitude were highly impressive, and we shot in a swimming pool, then in the huge shower/bath room of a well known sports establishment (wild horses wouldn't drag out the name of the place)...A helpless, shy boy-next-door has his swimming trunks sucked off the in the pool by the filter, and is then mistaken by the teacher of a group of girls (me) for the lifeguard, under the premise that it 'must be some new form of religious tolerance'. He is then subject to our glares and various molestations. As the poor thing doesn't want to be found out or make a fuss, he has to do whatever we demand of him. Oh yesss..