Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some personal images courtesy of my phone.

I'm in the habit of taking bad images on my phone when shooting, so here they are, in all their blurred glory. I have also succumbed to the lure of FaceBook, so the link is now to the left of this page, under 'My Links'.

Behold, Geoffrey Halpin's mighty shoe from June 16th! Geoff is a graphic artist who's better known for his album covers, Penthouse and Men Only work in the 70's and 80's. I haven't seen any edits from the day as yet, but they looked great on camera. Scattered about the mighty cowprint shoe were all the shoes I could carry from my shoe shelves, and we experimented with obscure poses. His wife kindly let me wear some of her vintage corsets and girdles. They were rather nice, nice enough to make me re-think my attitude about the colour pink!

Geoff and his wife are the type of people I'd want to know even if I hadn't worked with them - they are such darlings!

Iain Thomson - Anyone for Tennis Milf? I couldn't quite believe I had been lured into wearing this outfit, but the end result was fun. The end of the set involved laying spread (in more ways than one) in Iain's conservatory, doing as a Milf does unto to herself. With the first half, we visited a tennis court to capture the set up shots, all the while trying to dodge the groundskeeper. Oh, I am naughty....

Getting ready for Club Rub on June 20th. After I had finally finished applying the warpaint, Pet and I headed out to the event. I had a sneak preview at Richard and Emma's new flyers for Club Rub, and my word, what epic images! You'll see them if you join their mailing list.

Oh yes, and not forgetting...we must respect the Time Warp.