Saturday, August 08, 2009

Distorted Retina - finally!

After far too long a wait (2.5 years), I finally shot with Distorted Retina today. We were going to use a friends house, but ended up making an impromptu hotel booking instead, as she thought it was on the next day!

So in we went, rather dodgy looking in comparison, past the wedding party (taking care not to tread on the red carpet). The room was better than most I've witnessed, and restraint was negotiated when it came to pilfering the toiletries - aside from one of those cubes that fizz in the bath.

To make a change from the majority of stuff I've shot of late, we toned down the look with some tan/green lace and then a lovely blue lingerie set. But the need became too great, and it was back to the black leather, to go with the stark tiled bathroom. We did try and shoot in the cupboard (literally), however a wardrobe malfunction with a red rubber dress was to deny me that satisfaction...

Another good thing about the day was leafing though Martin's book, Distorted Retina, Volume One. I thought I'd only have one image in there, but my face and posterior met me in three pages! He was getting into the habit of having everybody sign it on whatever page they appeared on, so we were not doing too badly after a mere 1.5 years after it was published!