Monday, August 10, 2009

Vandersexxx, aching arms and E.Vie's party

Last night's Vandersexx rocked mightily, and my hands are sore from all the spanking! The numbers on the door have increased nicely since it moved venues to Moorgate.

One of the people I played with was a lovely German lady, and her facial expressions were divine as she felt the double cane (not that she knew I was peeking!) Feedback like that could make or break what I consider to be a good play session, as there is little worse than playing with the equivalent of a dead fish!

My own fun aside, we had a performance by the enigmatic Sister Berry Rogers, who performed under the name Miss Violet Wand (she writes for Forum, by the way).

On Saturday night we went to Evie/Empress Victoria's birthday party. I couldn't find a thing to wear, so went with my not-so-old faithful SDL corset.