Thursday, September 10, 2009

Further Pervy Apparel...

More than a few people have asked me recently about worn items I have for sale (worn before sending, of course). If I've specifically asked you to look at this page, then you're one of them! Most of the images were taken yesterday, while I was getting ready for a foot fetish session... My website is still down, otherwise these would have been on the Pervy Apparel page.

Underwear (£20 each)
1. Worn for everyday use, for about 8 months.
2. Very worn!
3. Probably the oldest pair of panties I own, for your viewing pleasure.
4. Have been worn for a few shoots, but like new.
5. Brutally ubused for several years.
6. Worn regularly for around 4 months.

Stockings (£15 each)
1. It's not often you'll see the colour pink gracing my hoisery drawer, but these were so cute, I had to have them. They've been shot in a few times, amidst other activities...
2. I love these red stockings, but I've a few new pairs on their way to me! Authentic retro, seamed, reinforced heeled beauties.
3. Fishnets tights, as worn for a shoot with Jasmine Sinclair. They have a hole in them near the gusset, from where I put my heel through them. Speaking of gusset, that particular area is reinforced, for that extra..., oh, I'm sure you can guess.

Footwear (£30 each)
1. Very high arched, 6" patent shoes. As you can see from the scuffs, these are very well worn!
2. Knee high, 8" patent heels, brutally abused for 7 long years..

Underwear Sets (£20 each)
1. Used for a few shoots, both made from pvc. The bra has heavy red seams, and the panties have a jock strap back!
2. An additional pic of #1.
3. I bought 3 of these pink outfits when I saw them - one I sold, another I gave to a model friend. The last one I'm keeping to myself : )

Leather Gloves (£10)
Used for shooting with the website Glove Mansion, but I've worn them for several years. I believe you can even catch the scent of sweat within them...

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