Friday, September 04, 2009

Recounting pervy Edinburgh...

I don't get back up to Edinburgh as often as I'd like, but normally have a great time when I eventually do.

On Saturday, no sooner had I arrived than I was out the door to a fantastic spa, then to a Japanese restaurant called Izzi's on Lothian Road, and was afterwards enjoying Club Absynth, ran by two friends of mine. An excellent start to the visit.

Sunday and Monday were spent relaxing and doing sessions with Nina de Nautee. You simply couldn't make up the stuff that happens to us (and if you're reading, Nina, we will never mention THAT again!). We also gave a thank you to the slave (yes you, Jingleballs) who paid for my hotel room, as seen below. It was very sweet that he brought a copy of the Leg Sex issue that I was in for me to sign.

On Tuesday I came over all 'blue bottomed fly', and met no less than 6 friends in the one day, went to a Dutch comedy show, helped a friend put together a dentist chair and lost a pub quiz. The rest of the week I spent with my family.