Saturday, October 31, 2009

Club Antichrist last month was fabulous!

In fact it was so busy that I only had the time to play once, for about 15 minutes before the night ended. It was with a lovely spankee named Ian (or Iain?) who has been over my knee on a few occassions.

Another good bit of play featured a naked man (with the exception of his thigh high heels and eyeless rubber hood), cuffed to one of Playpenz's crosses. God knows who put him there. It was delicious to watch this person writhe and moan, visably turned on when passers by stopped to stroke, slap or crop him.  Imagine just being there, blind amidst the thumping music, not knowing what gender was doing what to you? He clearly (said as he was rather generously proportioned) enjoyed himself.

There was also some interesting needle play going on using the gyno chair, and two 'sister sissies' who I would have played with, had the might not been so hectic.

If you happened to be at AC, do let the organisers know your feedback here.