Saturday, January 30, 2010

Belated update!

A belated update on my comings and goings, as there's not been much of a chance to sit down down and write anything!

On the last London Fetish Fair after party of January 10th, we had Nawashi Murakawa performing again with two myjos (masochistic women) in a wonderfully choreographed piece of Japanese rope bondage (image of the show below taken by Tom Medwell) The next LFF is on Sunday February 14th.

The Edinburgh trip went very well, and not only did I manage to see many friendly old faces in The Banshee Labyrinth and the Black Rose Tavern, all of the booked sessions played out perfectly : )  To mark the success, I decided to treat myself to a day at the spa connected to The Sheraton Hotel - 4 hours going from one steam room / sauna / ice treatment / hydro pool to the next! The only drawback was that one of my regular slaves had an eye infection, and so couldn't drive to see me - get well soon, Jingleballs!

At a shoot on Thursday, a dog was at the mercy of my habit of taking pictures of photographers pets! I much prefer larger dogs to ankle biters, but this one was cute.