Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Efail - Freaky mail that all Pro Doms should receive

"How much it will cost and how to book an appointment?"
1. Lift your eyes from your sweat ridden, over-used crotch and read the website, imbecile.

"I'd really like to do a shoot with a gorgeous model like you, fully clothed in fashionable clothes, lingerie, who slowly undresses....  Of course, I'd like to join in this time ...   is that something that you would consider ? If not, I'd still like to take photos of you."
2. Why yes, I love photographers to join me in nature's nudity. That's the only way I can achieve that authentic little smirk I do. Why don't you also try out my humbler so we can really get some edgy angles? If not, I'd still like to squash your testicles in some way.

"i'm going to e-mail those UK-Dominas that i can find that i find stunning enough for me to be able to submit and serve, and since You are reading this, i would absolutely LOVE to serve You!"
3. This one really knows how to make a lady feel special.

"become my sexual proprietress, owner?"
4. Did perhaps translate use Google, you?

"I am a male nanny  (Manny) and looking for a lady to be the one I look after for a few hours. but you must understand I am very strict, so when you are rude or impolite to me I will put you over my knee, lift up your short skirt, pull down your knickers a little way and reveal your bum, then I will lightly spank your bum with my hand. I will pay you £60 per hour neg.If you do not want this but have alternative fun job to do then I will be only too glad to consider it."
5. Refer to #1.