Thursday, February 11, 2010

House Mistress @ London Fetish Fair this Sunday 14th

Join me in the after party dungeon for this Valentines day event - as if you ever wouldn't...

Next date: Sunday February 14th
Venue: Parker McMillan, 47 Chiswell Street, Barbican, London, EC1Y 4SB
Fair Opening: 12pm - 6pm
Vandersexxx Opening: 6pm-10pm

The London Fetish Fair is the world's longest running adult fashion and bdsm market: a wickedly fun fetish fashion market & bdsm after party; all rolled into one day of decadence.

3:30pm workshop with Vicky and Cat from Freak!
8.00pm Fire performance from Tia Brodie

Tickets £5 per person on door until 3.00pm, £8 ( if arriving after 3pm until 5.45 pm) Both entry fees admit automatic entrance to the fair & after party) All admission and re-admission to the after party from 6.00pm. onwards - £10 singles: £15 couples. Tickets available on door.