Friday, February 05, 2010

Social Butterfly : )

I'm having to look back at my diary to remind me of what I've been doing these past few weeks, as I've been quite the social butterfly, aside from shooting lots! There has also been shooting a fair amount of custom videos, from the more mainstream fetish to the downright know who you are.

On January 28th I went to a pre-Pedestal party with a few other ladies and gentlemen at the dungeon I use in Warren St, which only whetted the appetite for Pedestal further. The event itself was fabulous, with lots of playing and being witness Man vs Garden Gnome....The night ended with returning to the dungeon for a play party of our own, before finally getting home by a more than respectable 6am.

On Wednesday this week my friend brought me to the exhibition opening of both Sas and Colin Christian in The Opera Gallery on New Bond Street. Their work is utterly amazing, so get your bottoms down there, as the show is on until a week from now!