Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A somewhat pervy weekend

Club Antichrist was once again a night to remember - spanked a spankee virgin, a very polite tranny who made rather lovely noises and a few others. The night ended by having said tranny bring me a cup of tea in the dungeon and getting a foot rub as the lights went up! BDSM and tea seem to go rather well together - decadence with a little civility! If you follow my Twitter then you'll have known that my newest strap was to be named that night, choosing from the best 'active' suggestions. Considering it was Star Wars day recently (May the 4th), the best suggestion was Leia ; )

The London Fetish Fair has some big news coming up, but lips are sealed for the moment. We had the lovely Tia Brodie on stage again with her fire show and all the equipment in the dungeon received the pleasure of various bodies upon them.

Yesterday I went to see the Bob Carlos Clarke exhibition down at The Little Black Gallery in Kensington. The price of some prints was akin to an ice bath, but then again these were the signed editions and ergo there will be no others in the future.

In more prosiac news, an admirer who has been buying my panties for some years kindly bought me the Terry Pratchett book Making Money. I read it when it first came out, but now I have a copy to add to my already groaning Pratchett shelf.