Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The finest of Efail

I dig not so deep into the realms of inane emails I receive.

Isaearch a woman teacher that reresent autority ,beauty andseriously for na  hard bullwhippping
Hello Raoul - Did you know that typing with only one hand can cause an 87% increase in bad spelling?

hey mistress rebekka
im JXXXXX from lXXXXXX i have 27 years old, and i am beging u to be ur slave i can travel to just to be ur human toilet im ready to do what ever u want and please if u dont mind to be ur 24/7 slave and i will do what ever u want and just put the number that u want but plz let me be ur toilet slave 24/7 and if u want i can be in ur videos and in ur picturs please mistress...
The position has been filled.

Good morning  i would to Know if is possible during the

>> session

>> that you like teacher take me by one ear and pull my ear for long time ...

>> This

>> is what i like so much ...If is possible we can arrange one session


>> ...


>> Thank u very much
When sending the same email to multiple females for the purpose of imminent masturbation upon reply, do note that it is common practice to remove evidence of the 'copy and paste' method, much favoured by many enthusiasts. That is all.