Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Seeking DIY slave in return for play time.

Because you wouldn't expect me to break a nail doing my own DIY, would you? Tasks are as follows:

* cleaning and painting walls
* sanding / refinishing external wooden doors
* general household & dungeon cleaning
* latex & footwear care

Unlike a lot of ladies who expect something for nothing, you will be rewarded with play. I do after all genuinely enjoy thrashing posteriors. Read the sessions page on my website to see if your preferences match my own.

I will only discuss your interest in person, the best way being to speak to me at one of the events I'm attending. These are the London Fetish Fair on Sunday 8th, Club Pedestal on Friday 13th, the English Mansion Summer Ball on Thursday 26th and the Skin Two Rubber Ball on May 28th