Thursday, September 08, 2011

More from the Efail Vaults.

Dear Mistress,

 I would love to visit you for a session, do you ever smoke with a holder?
I an interested in caning, cig punishment, dildo play, feminization.
If you send me a picture of yourself smoking with a holder you could decide how I pay for it - number of harsh strokes with a cane to be decided by mistress etc...

 Yours respectfully

Translation: Please send me some free shuffle fodder so that I don't have to shoplift porn from the local newsagent.

Subject: REAL-life bdsm session!

Hello, I am coming to England for the upcoming holidays and I am looking for a mistress whom would run a 4-day session that includes a written agreement for me to sign upon arrival stating that once I sign I am agreeing to be held in her captive slavery for the whole 4-days, no limitations, no quitting or giving up no matter what I may say I am to be held against my will obeying all demands or suffer her rath!! I want this to be real without a chance to backout when it gets intence.If you can offer something along these lines or can help please contact me
What - a REAL LIFE session with a living, willing, human woman? I don't know if he's ready for the real thing, and it may be safer for the public at large if he were to stay in his room watching

I have spent most of the week watching Your videos when i should have been decorating the house.
This one is strictly speaking not an Efail, but I found it funny. And make that

Good morning Dear Rebekka,

in August I will be in London.
I'm a student looking for a footjob... I like kiss feet :) Can we meet? Could you tell me details about??

Thanks a lot :)
I like smack face.