Friday, November 04, 2011


I have a file concerning the wonderful world of Efail, or rather emails which baffle beyond belief and foster doubt about what dimension and space time continuum some people appear to live in. What I have kept to myself thus far are more than a few beautiful examples of how eloquence in expression and appreciation are at the top of my list when it comes to choosing play partners, the ability to relay potential chemistry with words alone. I remember something said to me a long time ago - that you can get drunk on words. Here is what has intoxicated me recently:

"Yes, the subject of your feet is quite important - though what we mean, of course, is that your feet are very important.  And they are.  When i look at them, i am astonished and awestruck - the perfectly formed toes, substantial but also very refined, and delicate, the beautiful, almost tomato-red varnish on your exquisitely shaped toenails, in striking and seductive contrast to the amazing alabaster tone of your silken skin - and in a moment one might see this erotic vision and find it odd that it sits alongside depictions and discussions of a darker sexuality - but for me, the (apparently) contrasting motifs are unified in this way:  your feet, through their beauty, their elegance, their femininity, demand, without effort, adoration and submission - they say, in a language more powerful than words:  woman, perfect, superior, sexual, and one who hears those things, as i do when i look at your feet, one knows, instantly, one's place and purpose - to be seduced, to be enslaved, to be possessed and to serve and honor.  And so, your beautiful hand caressing your own foot is as evocative an expression of your dominance, and power, as is a picture of you withdrawing a whip from a wall, or securing a phallus to your waist."