Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Upcoming Events

A few dates for you kink diary for the coming month, where I am House Mistress:

Ms Tytania's Grand Slutathon: Friday June 8th (only one place left!)

London Fetish Fair: Sunday June 10th. Present yourself for the 15th Holywood Glamour themed birthday!With a workshop at 3.30pm (on the methods of fire flogging), free raffle at 4pm to win a massive insertable (which I wouldn't mind winning myself!), stage shows by Diva Hollywood and Lolly Lethal during the after party.

Club Antichrist: Friday June 29th. Sin to your hearts content at the events 8th birthday party. There will be live bands, walkabout performers, cake and a master of deception! See the full line up here.

London Fetish Fair: Sunday July 8th, shows to be confirmed.

Club Pedestal: Friday July 13th. Pedestal has returned to it's bi-monthly format and so the next event will be in July. Back are such enthralling mini events such as Select-A-Slave, Best Dressed Man and the stage performances.