Saturday, July 12, 2008

New York images etc

Kim has asked me to be Club Rub's Guest Mistress for August - and who am I to refuse such an offer? Join me and lots of others as we perv the night away.

Friday 4th saw me monitoring the Torture Garden dungeon. Thankfully, there was little to monitor, as most people appeared to be relatively well behaved. The highlight of the night was playing with my pet's remote control as dancing was attempted. Oh, how I love watching you squirm :)

Some images from New York for your viewing delectation...

Gothic Hangman:
After us both waiting alomst a year to shoot, it finally happended. Cue Lady Jane with the make up, dodging the rain, and lubing up, here is the first of the results.

David Lawrence:
These shots were taken at the waterfront between Brooklyn and Manhatten bridges. We were very very naughty in being there, but luckily Comedy Central were shooting nearby, and we had the all clear to say we were with them. I had a semi-nervous time balancing the expensive lights on the rocks as David shot the beautfiul Ree Ja - her images do not do her justice. I'm just glad none of them crashed! The below was done with 30 second exposures, so some breathplay was indeed involved..

My bottom.
My boobs.

Shibari on the sidewalk with Ree Ja! There was a crowd gathered behind David as he took the photo, including the local fire department :) This debauchery was done outside Steven Speliotis' place.

On another note, I'm visiting my hometown of Edinburgh between July 17th and 24th. Nina de Nautee and I have some domination sessions booked in - it's been a while since I last perved up there!

Don't forget that this Sunday 13th is Diablesse, with Pale Enchantress on stage and her piercing show.