Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To Edinburgh, and beyond!

I've been stuck at Raynor Towers with a nasty chest infection, so have the time to write up all over the past two weeks.

The journey up to Edinburgh was it's own entertainment. Someway through, I fell asleep replying to a submissive's email. Needless to say, the two people behind me received an eyeful, and I awoke to the sounds of sniggering and much intake of breath. Let it be said, you'd better make your emails intellectually engaging, else you may bore me to sleep!

On a similar note, it's marginally amusing why prospective subs send a two line email with minimal information, and then expect a reply at all. This is the case across the board, with many pro friends. Some of them reply, as not everyone is literate to the same level, but I'm inclined to believe that this indicates the old 'one handed typing' technique :) To some of you boys, 3/10. See me in my office.

Thank you to Fifer Poet and PS for the beautiful lingerie! Nina and I spent thursday doing private sessions, which went like a blast. My favourite was the first of the evening - I give you my regards, Mr A.

The social part of the visit saw the birthday parties of a few good friends of mine, whom I hadn't seen in an age.

I may be back in Edinburgh during August, but time will tell as to my schedule. As any person operating their own business will tell you, free time is something of a foreign concept. I am usually exceptionally busy with various strings on proverbial bows.

HJMedia are putting the finishing touches to the new office space, and the office warming party is on this 29th. They're most likely swinging gimps from the chandeliers as we speak.

Diablesse's last stage show on the 13th saw Pale Enchantress performing a piercing show on some poor little cutie, with his good lady helping. In the garden area, I tied up another poor bugger wearing a full enclosure rubber suit - nothing new there then. The next one is on Sunday August 10th, so get your ass down there, post haste, and form a disorderley line.