Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Big, Bad Weekend

On Friday I went to a midnight showing of King Lear for a friend's birthday (there's a lot of them of late - makes you wonder what happened nine months ago). What a wonderful interior!

Afterwards we had wine and cheese by the water as the sun rose, which is just what you'd expect a group of perverts to do of a morn.

Saturday was spent overseeing the couples room at Torture Garden. As the curtains of the room shook and quivered behind me, I conversed with people I only have the chance to see at events such as this. There were quite a few pictures taken, so I must hunt them down.

Sunday was spent at the Combichrist gig in the Electric Ballroom. Oh, how I love a bit of industrial. Aside from the lyrics, the only pervy things about it was that myself and my usually tranny friend both decided to dress as men that night. Aren't we naughty?