Saturday, September 20, 2008

News from Raynor Towers

My newset pair - just look at these puppies - a perfectly suckable heel, if ever there was one.

I find myself with the first quiet Saturday night on my own in an age - an opportunity to collate and edit the numerous galleries I have for my member site. I find editing enjoyable, and a chance to use my art training, but a daunting task when you have 15+ sets and a time budget!

My website may go through another re-design (after having seen what the semi-built member site looks like), and am comtemplating either having it on another url, or just adding it onto the existing one. Decisions decisions...

Next week is the London Fetish Weekend, and Subversion are kicking off the event in their usual fabulous style with one hell of a party. Speaking of hellish parties, a friend of mine has started up his old club Hotter Than Hell, which is also on this Friday 3rd.

As it's my birthday next month, I'm also thinking of treating myself by changing my hair back to it's natural colour of red. Hmmm..