Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pedestal : )

I went for a rather more corporate look this time, but simply couldn't live without the standard stilettos. I'd dressed my pet in pink panties, black fishnet stockings and suspenders, pigtails, and the favoured remote control internal bullet.

Though everyone will have a different experience, I feel the males who attend have a genuine feel for servitude. One look at the bodies prostrate on the floor, and the ever growing cue to clamber into the trampling cage will show you this. A little bird informed me that the club will now be on every two months instead of three!

I noted the same ashtray slave as was at Club Antichrist - what a pathetic creature, on his knees outside in the smoking area, wearing nothing but a tiny thong to cover his man-bits. Just the type I like :)

And hello to Middle aged submissive!

NB: I will not be at the October Diablesse, but will be at all subsequent events. Keeping my seat warm will be Mistress Pheonix Love, and Mistress Amrita will be performing a rope bondage show.

The below made me fall off my chair at the HJM office today (one of my pride and joys is my Klingon Batleth. I'll bet you didn't know that)