Monday, September 15, 2008

Fetish overload!

I've just returned to Raynor Towers from Diablesse. We didn't expect it so busy after the events over the past two weeks, but I'm delighted it swung fully. The furniture had a good polish with all the bodies pressed up against them, and I taught a very slutty maid how to give a lapdance :) On stage we had the ever-so-lovely Sister Berry Rogers, who kindly came to save us all from a life of sin and eternal damnation. That was nice of her, but I prefer to live in sin personally :)

Antichrist on Friday was a belter of an evening. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to see many of the acts, but I caught one or two. Many thanks to all the people who came up to say hello :) The word on the street is there a quite a number of overseas residents coming over for the HUGE event on October 31st, and once again we're hoping to break the sound barrier with the sounds of whips and whimperings...

This one raised a smile and an eyebrow