Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Ball, The Aftermath...

The Rubber Ball weekend is finally over, alas.

Friday was spent pimping up the press room and making it look rather dashing. We had swish sex chairs made by Cupid's Couch and sexy nibbles from Tarts & Treats. Needless to say, we simply had to try out the 'serving suggestions' of said furniture while no one was around..

TG was most amusing, as ever. I was moderating the couples room again for a few hours, and I find turning away persons of undesirable nature quite theraputic. I caught the tail end of the fashion show for once, and I must look up who the designer was.

Saturday I was back on the stand, moving and shaking, rubbing rubber shoulders with various photographers and media pervs - and sampling more cake! After the day was over, I met with my pet for a meal before heading off to the seOne for the Ball.

The Rubber Ball was the third fetish event this year I'd gone to, without having been 'on duty'. I couldn't help but get the distinct feeling that somewhere, I was needed (perhaps I should have the kinky equivalent of the Batman signal?) As one does in this particular venue, time was spent wandering, trying to get one's bearings, but we soon had our fair share of the dancefloor and performance room. My favourite act of the evening was the ballet ponyplay dance :)

Of course, my most enjoyable time was had in the dungeon. My pet's pert buttocks were primped and squeezed, swollen and teased by the end of it. I do enjoy enjoy the chemistry of public play, knowing that the sub is thinking/worrying about the onlookers, the buzz of the play, the smell of his own sweat..

My new latex arrived on time, so I have an outfit shined and ready for it's debut at Antichrist tonight. Plus, I'm looking forward to Club Pedestal on the 18th.