Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm a sick pervert!

I am very dissapointed! I may not be able to wear my new shoes this weekend, as I've had some surgery on my foot and have had to limp around. Therefore, I may have to undertake alternative steps (pardon the pun) and have a slave ferry me about the press stand - how decadent. Also, the founder of Handjobs Media is walking on a cane this weekend due to a bad back, as well as another colluegue who uses a cane all the time. Not only will this be hilarious to look at (I know I'll be laughing about it further down the line) it doesn't say much for the companies duty of care!

On an up note, I'm going to Club Pedestal with my pet on the 18th, and I have even more latex on the way! I've been working my pert ass off these past few months, and have a variety of shoots lined up to stock my upcoming member site.

My session days are nearly full for this month, which pleases me no end. There is a certain refreshed and invigorated feeling I have whenever I play.

And, it's my birthday next month!