Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lots to update...

Lots of news, so will just ram it into this tight space...it's what I'm good at.

I did my first naughty shoot with a couple of ladies for TVX, Natalia Forrest and Lala. I've not seen any stills yet from the shot, but it was certainly hot. Lala and I were 'initiating' Natalia into the wonderful world of fetish sex. Having just started doing work of this strength, I have my second lady shot in Spain next month for a glove fetish site in Spain early May, so more news on that in due course.

In travel news,
I'll be in Edinburgh between May 20th-25th, and will be announcing which days I'll be sessioning soon (from a domestic setting). Joining me will be my alluring partner in crime, Nina de Nautee.

Leg Sex is the second ever magazine I've been in, and I'm the centrefold for the June 2009 issue! It feels both strange and oddly emancipating that in my hands (got a pre-release copy) I hold a magazine I used to 'read' in the sex shop I worked in years ago, back in Edinburgh. Be sure to get a copy for yourself!

I shot another three custom videos of the 'singular' type. It does seem like the videos I make have very little to do with the activities I'm normally associated with, but whatever blows your skirt up....

Email weirdness isn't down this month, and is rather on the up this week. An excerpt:

"Dear Mistress'

i so hope You a re well????????????????????????????????????

i ama sub male and findingn things very difficult i really crying out for an advocate and so wondered if a strong mentally well Mistress maybe able to help me as a mentally ill damaged sub male in finding Sir (name removed)
perhaps ypou can check your offices for Sir
(name removed) of the Broitish Red Cross he is missingn

maybe hes in Your dungeons but hes been naughty"

Considering the email had been cc'd to a dozen other mistresses, does he wonder why he hasn't gotten a reply? What on earth do some people think? Still, it made me smile.