Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back from shooting fem dom in Spain!

Spain has a particular smell - sand, sea and food. I got my 6am flight and arrived at 10am to blazing heat (in UK terms). Then I was sped away to a most beautiful location to shoot wonderfully naughty things! We shot some solo videos and galleries before Natalia Forrest arrived, then spent the rest of the evening watching dodgy German TV before going over the shoot plan for the next day. Before sleep, the walk in shower was brutally taken advantage of...

On the second day we continued the onslaught of filth, including vids with one of Liza's slaves. We were all rather tired by the end of it, as heat, latex and leather do not tend to mix! It felt quite odd to be so evil in such wonderful sunshine...You can see all the sets in due course on

On the balcony at 9am, doing my make up and hair.

The balcony and pool (didn't have the chance to take a dip, alas)

The living room (complete with unsuspecting cameo)