Sunday, July 26, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to buy a cleaver...

I've just remembered something strange that happened to me, years ago in Edinburgh. I was in a Chinese supermarket on Leith Walk, and a caucasian man came up to me and offered to pay for my shopping. I thought 'this is weird' at the time, but was unsure if he recognised me from my website or other places, and I didn't ask.

So I did what any sensible lady would do in such a situation. I continued to get what I'd gone out to buy, and then I chose a meat cleaver and put it in my basket. He paid once we were at the till, and then walk in the other direction out of the shop. I wonder how often he'd done that, and if he'd ever done it before? I was going to say thank you and perhaps strike up a conversation, if given the chance. No doubt he furiously got it out of his system later that day. The least he could have done was taken me to a post-perv-coital Jenners!!