Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ever wished you could f*ck a pair of shoes? Now you can...Ainsley T shoes, that is.

Look at these glorious puppies. Now drool. Now beg.

I went to the opening launch of Ainsley T's collection, so I know first hand just how awesome they are. Though there are more designs than are listed on the website at the time of writing, the possibilities are endless. You can have your favourite cock ring installed on a holder, you can have a butt plug for a heel, an installed whip by Alex Cobra, a ball gag on the buckle strap. Though pretty as they are, they are designed so that you can enjoy using the items, rather than simply something to look at. He wanted footwear that you could wear out to dinner, and no one would be none the wiser . He wanted footwear that you could use for play. He succeeded. I am tempted to default on my tax return to get me a pair.

These shoes are hand made in a small Italian town in the traditional way. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you, Ainsley T shoes.....

(Click to view the full size version)