Friday, December 18, 2009

Silly phone calls and efail of the week

Apparently my website has went down due to the bandwidth being exceeded - my package gives me 500 GB per month! While looking at the stats earlier, I did notice that in the last two days it's received more than 26 times the normal amount of traffic, so that may have done it. Thank you Max Fisch! My host is seeing what they can do about it as we speak.

And now, onto lesser matters.

I don't usually get that many weird emails, but they do seem to all come at the same time, like a finely tuned sensual encounter.

"Do you like having your feet worshipped?"
I get this all the time. There's usually nothing more in the messages, just that single sentence.

"Can I see you for a session tonight?" / "Can I have your phone number to discuss a session?"
Again, just the one sentence.

"I like you and would do anything just to be with you if your looking for a pet to share your life. I'll leave it you to decide and if you are looking for a person like me to enter your life, you know where I am MISS. Please contact me."
This one was kind enough to include pictures for my consideration.

Also, there has been someone phoning me from a witheld number all week. It's easy enough as it is to get my work number, you simply go through the proper channels. I would link this particular channel, however I cannot get to the url...

And on a side note: Real Dolls - yes, you may want to make sweet love to her but would you take her to the park?!