Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Efail of the month..

Sometimes you just have to laugh. Grin one sidedly at the very least.

A few emails on various model sites saying that the persons in question wanted me to send them some bondage images as they were new to the industry, and needed examples of what could be achieved. Oh yes, I'll get right on it....

No less than two emails asking if it was possible for me to crush small animals for the pleasure of someone else. These types of queries come round very rarely indeed, so I was surprised at two in one week. Sorry. No. Can. Do.

An offer for an all expenses paid trip to Egypt (why is it always there?), whereby I shall be treated like the queen that I am for a week. Before or after my organs were harvested, these details weren't clarified.

A few emails asking if I'd like to go out to dinner. I'm afraid my mother taught me never to fraternize with strange men. Of course that advice has rarely been listened to, but it's nice to be asked. However, as soon as David Mitchell accepts my proposal of marriage, I'll believe that that sort of approach actually works.

Ending on a high note, I had a lovely email from someone I played with at the Rubber Ball, who to mark a milestone in his marriage, wanted to treat his wife (and himself, by default) to a dom training session. All together now - aaaawwwww.

That is all.