Monday, January 04, 2010

New(ish) tearsheet added to website and other gubbins.

Am spending today catching up on emails, sorting out my schedule for the mighty Edinburgh visit, and have updated my The Things I Want list, which you can use for session deposits instead of pay pal etc.

I've also just joined the boards at PDUK (Professional Domination UK), which is run by people in the industry. It has reviews, guides, listings and articles - I may even try my hand at writing one or two!

Though this was shot years ago for Ladies That Ride (by Nigel Holmes) I recently found the image again and thought that I'd better put it up. The proceeds go to The Injured Jockeys Fund and The International League for the Protection of Horses. I have family in the racing world, so the subject is quite close to my heart. And, it's an excuse to look at one's dirty pillows.

On my site, I've added in a Links button to the navigation, as some did say that these were rather cunningly hidden at the bottom of every page. I thought it best to make the site completely idiot proof! If there are any other suggestions on way to improve the site, then do feel free to mention.