Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Chastised Accountant

Below is an image of an implement that was used today, to show an accountant why it was a very bad idea indeed to peek into the ladies loos at work. On his knees, after confessing his misdemeanour and his chronic inability to control his urges, I decided that a punishment of 20 strokes of the tawse would be a sufficient deterrent for future erring. It was certainly a 30 minutes to remember, and he left to go back to his desk before his lunch break finished a more humble and better behaved male.

Because of my location, more than a fair few gents visit me for corporal punishment during lunch breaks, and I often wonder which of them spend the rest of the day in an endorphined state, having a lesser portion of their brain than normal on the job as opposed to those to whom the activity gives more focus. To those who have had the pleasure, only they know...