Saturday, July 13, 2013

Coterie Social Salon talk & interview

I'm very pleased to have been asked to speak at the Coterie Social Salon on August 7th, and will be talking about my work as a dominatrix and all the fun it entails. Do note that as it is a ladies social club, they only allow a female audience.

True Lives – Inside the World of the Dominatrix

It may seem inconceivable to some that a man - or a woman - would pay to be stripped, bound, spanked, tortured, trampled and humiliated in their lunch hour but there are more than a few people out there
(possibly people that you know) who are happy to do just that in the hands of women known as dominatrices.

But who is the dominatrix, what does she actually do and what compels people to see her and sign up to become her loyal and willing servants? It’s likely that much of what you think you know about her
comes from tabloid newspapers but this is just one - some may say incomplete - side of the coin. Were you aware for instance that according to a New York survey of dominatrices*, 39% of the women
interviewed had advanced academic degrees often in psychology, or that the weak global economy has seen a significant rise in women signing up to get paid to dominate?

With these mixed messages in mind, The Coterie Social Salon invite you to join us at a special True Lives Salon entitled, ‘Inside the World of the Dominatrix’. Ms Raynor will be talking about her life and her work as a mistress of extreme pleasures. She will explain the many different practices such as caning, CBT, trampling, torture, feminisation, foot and leg worship and humiliation and cuckolding that are all in a days work for her.

She will offer a brief history of domination including the high degree of knowledge, technical ability and ‘stomach’ that is often required to do the job (which is said to make lesser women faint). Ms Raynor will also share her thoughts on the psychology behind the many people who visit dominatrices and the secrets of what causes these clients to return begging for more. Finally, as a teaser, she will disclose details of how you can introduce kink into your lives.