Thursday, August 22, 2013

King Dong's first forced bi session.

I have found the most delightful young man (a tall, slender and succulent 23 year old), willing to do very debauched things during sessions for the sheer fun of it. I found him on Fetlife. In addition to his myriad of other charms, one of the most noteworthy aspects about him is his gargantuan appendage. This beast would blot out the sun, were it not kept caged in his undergarments. I kid ye not.

The role play for the first session he was unleashed in was thus: the client and I had been out on a date and I had taken him home in lieu of some fun and frottage. Naturally in these scenarios with myself, it is fun and frottage of an altogether unexpected nature. I'll leave the detail for your imagination (or eventual realisation) but needless to say that my client was thoroughly used, under my expert direction.