Thursday, May 08, 2014

New toys & new pervy apparel

My blog is long overdue an update!

This weekend sees the London Fetish Fair in it's relatively new venue of the Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall. It's one of the best venues the event has had and it's more easily accessible.

Those savvy among you will notice that my site has had a slight aesthetic update. Much to the delight of some of you, I have updated my Apparel page with worn items for you to get your mitts on. See the full details here:

My own land based domain has enjoyed an overhaul also, and now has 7ft x 3ft mirrors on two sides of the spanking bench, providing an unparalleled view of your forlorn face as you are subjected to a variety of torments from the rear. Of course, the view goes both ways and you can also be treated to a view of me as your punishment is being dished out. This month should see me receive my long looked forward to suspension unit - 2.4m high, 1.2m deep and 2m wide, plenty of room to see yourself strung up from the aforementioned mirrors. I have quite a lot of new toys since my last update leather sleep sack, cbt items, paddles and new rubber restraints etc.