Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More eFail (hilariously stupid emails I receive)

Subject: Re: If You Practice or Advocate Cuckoldry

Mistress Rebekka, Please excuse this intrusion. I and wondered if you or someone you know might be interested in something that I have worked on.

If you have any interest in or practice cuckoldry you might find something called a "Cuckold Affirmation" or "Hot-Wife Affirmation" interesting. It is a ceremony and celebration similar to a wedding but with special "vows", "ring exchange" and what I call the "Cuckymoon".

There are many ways to tailor a cuckold affirmation to match a couple's or woman's individual preferences. I have assisted several cuckolding women in customizing the ceremony to suit their individual preferences and lifestyles. Afterward these women reported that there were subtle and beneficial changes in their marriages or relationships as a result of holding the ceremony.

If you want more information just let me know and I will send you a sample ceremony.

If you are not interested in this subject again please excuse this intrusion and discard this message. Thank you.


Hi madam,
I m a college student. I have unable to concentrate on my studies due to my addiction to internet, social network etc. I am looking for a disciplinarian and life coach who can help me with this problem. Hope you will reply me soon. Thank you!