Saturday, March 21, 2015

Good news!

I've been difficult to contact, I'll admit.

I had ran another career in tandem with this one for a few years, however I've decided to give it up and focus more on what actually makes me happy in life. Namely, thrashing slaves. Some of you will note that my correspondence has been neglected since a far back as October (though regular clients have been receiving discipline), so now that time is more plentiful I'll be digging back through ancient history and getting back to all of the more sensible emails. There are rather a lot of them as you'd expect, so if you think yours it at risk of being lost in the scrum, feel free to send again.

In addition to having more time to dedicate to utilising my caning arm, I'm happily also pursuing an array of new things in my personal life, such as going on my first proper holiday in 6 years! 

To be brutally honest (for I am often brutal), I forgot this blog existed. As a treat for you (for I am sometimes kind), here are some photos from my recent excursion to Corralejo, Fuerteventura. Enjoy!