Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New worn items for sale and webcams galore!

I trust you are all both as well and as deviant as is usual. I may have been quiet on this blog, but in the real world it has been far from the case. I shall bring you the most pertinent information first.

My Keepsakes (previously Pervy Apparel) page has been updated with no less than 33 items for you to get your hands on, from stockings, footwear, underwear and leggings. Though a minimalist at heart, my clothing collection is in danger of developing its own ecosystem and something must give before my wardrobes do! Below is an example of what is on offer.

The second piece of news is that you may now prostrate yourself to me via webcam on Adultwork.com. Indeed, I am flowing with this tide, simply to see if I find it agreeable. Alternatively, you can email me to arrange some time on Skype.

My solo profile is where you can be subjected to various forms of abuse:

My duo profile is where you can watch me abuse my real life partner (yes, I am a sadist in my private life also):

Thirdly, I have upgraded my dungeon and will be updating the photos I have within the coming days. Time is a precious commodity in my world and I'd rather spend it beating ass than taking photos!

Lastly I would like to thank all of those who have seen me over the past few months, some having waited a long time for my schedule to become clear. It has been a very busy, debauched and sordid affair dishing out the punishment!