Friday, December 29, 2017

Introducing... The Raynor Retainer!

I'm of the opinion that good behaviour should be rewarded, especially of those I've grown very fond of (some probably know who they are!).

As vulgar as it can be to talk about that which makes the world go round, I've decided to experiment with a new way for my existing regular gents to be at my whims more often. My most frequent visitors darken my door once per week for an hour at a time, so four per month on average. To keep things simple, I'm going to give three options:

4 hours booked = £800 normally (add on 1 hour pro gratis)
8 hours booked = £1600 normally (add on 2 hours pro gratis)
16 hours booked = £3200 normally (add on 3 hours pro gratis)

- We must have already sessioned at least twice and have very good chemistry.
- The balance is to be settled in advance.
- If any other professional joins us, then your own arrangements with them are separate.

Some might say the above would detract from the 'romance' of a dynamic, but I disagree, as I'm the sort of person who likes to have things planned out. Instead of  individual meetings, I get to have the pleasure of weaving together an arc of connecting liaisons, culminating in a series of well paced crescendos. Imagine knowing that you have 16 hours of impending session time already arranged?